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Kitchen Remodel Ideas: 4 Splashback Materials to Choose From

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If you want to protect the wall of your kitchen from splashes of boiling sauce, grease and oil, you can do so with a splashback. Not only are there many materials that cover the wall to protect it, but it also becomes a decorative part of the kitchen. Here are some different materials to consider for your splashback. Tile One of the more popular materials to use for a kitchen splashback is tile. Read More»

How to Protect Your Windows and Glass Doors in a Storm

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Doors and windows are particularly susceptible to high winds, and if these openings are breached, water can get in quickly and cause major damage to your home, both in and out. Luckily, there are steps you can take to protect your doors and windows from hurricanes and other high-impact storms. These protection methods can not only help in the event of a storm, they may help to reduce your home insurance premiums. Read More»

Types of Energy Efficient Windows

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Windows are an important aspect of any home, not only for enhancing the natural light in your residence, but to also enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of your home. However, just as with other aspects of your home, windows are also prone to succumb to wear and tear. The older they become, the less efficient they become at keeping your home properly insulated. If you find that you are due for repairing windows in your home, it may be best to opt for energy-efficient windows. Read More»