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Tips When Repairing a Broken Glass Window

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It is fairly common for single-pane glass windows to become broken. Since glass is fragile, it can be broken even if you simply shut the window too harshly. This means that, as a homeowner, it is important for you to know how to perform glass repairs instead of always choosing to have them replaced. Before you begin repairing a broken glass window, it is important that you are aware of tips that are designed to make the process much easier.


When a window pane is broken, you will likely have pieces of glass that are still attached to the window. These pieces of glass need to be removed safely in order for you to install a new glass window pane. It is best that you wear gloves when handling broken glass and work to remove the glass by loosening the large pieces from the frame.


You will then have to work to make sure that all the glazing compound that exists around the perimeter of the window frame is removed. This is done most effectively using a putty knife or even a flat screw driver. You will most likely have to pry the compound out of place using force. If there are any metal fasteners that were designed to hold glass in place, you will have to use pliers in order to remove them.


It is a good idea to actually apply a thin coat of paint primer to the bare wood on the window frame once the glazing compound has been removed. This is always a good step to take, because if the wood is overly dry when you apply new glazing compound, it will suck up all the oils and not work effectively. The glazing compound is much more effective if you apply a layer of paint primer first and allow it to fully dry before the glazing compound is used to secure the glass window pane in place.


Once you have the new glass window pane cut to size, it is recommended that you apply a layer of caulk right around the perimeter of the pane. You can then apply a layer of glazing compound around the window frame before you press the caulked pane into place. You should press down firmly and make sure that you apply more glazing compound around all edges of the window pane to make sure that it is securely in place.