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4 Glass Splashback Styles to Transform Your Kitchen into a Chic Cooking Haven

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A kitchen splashback has the power to transform the look of your kitchen with its subtle stylishness and modern class. If you've decided to introduce your kitchen to a glass splashback, then you've made an excellent decision with this low-maintenance and fashion-forward material. But since there are different glass styles to choose from, this selection guide is designed to help you transform your kitchen into a chic cooking haven.

Coloured Glass Kitchen Splashback

A coloured glass kitchen splashback is a versatile choice for any kitchen because it allows you to infuse pops of colour into the room without changing your existing décor. If you have a neutral or single-coloured kitchen, then introducing vivid colours like ocean blues, intense greens and rich reds are sure to produce eye-catching charm. You can also choose to introduce colours that match or contrast with your existing décor depending on your personal preferences. For instance, intense green kitchen splashbacks will create a seamless blend in olive green kitchens, while red splashbacks will create a contrasting effect in the same olive green kitchen.

Frosted Glass Kitchen Splashback

A frosted glass kitchen splashback will add a touch of texture and design to your kitchen, offering you a tremendous amount of flexibility thanks to a varied range of frosted textures and patterns. Frosted glass is typically without colour, so you can fit this glass style into any traditional or modern kitchen without worrying about its appearance.

Mirrored Glass Kitchen Splashback

A mirrored glass kitchen splashback produces stylish aesthetic appeal, while reflecting light beautifully to open up a small kitchen for giving it the impression of larger space. Mirrored splashbacks have soared in popularity in modern kitchens thanks to their minimalistic design and no-fuss style. If you have a small kitchen where space is an issue, then adding a mirrored glass kitchen splashback is a clever visual choice.

Plain Glass Kitchen Splashback

If you like simple minimalism with no fuss, then a plain glass kitchen splashback is a good choice for your personal style. A plain glass kitchen splashback will simply mimic the colour of the wall it is placed against, so you needn't worry about matching or contrasting colours. Plain glass is an extremely versatile choice that can integrate seamlessly into a contemporary or traditional kitchen. This kitchen splashback delivers high-impact aesthetic value with its uncomplicated style. 

Choosing a glass kitchen splashback is a matter of personal tastes, so use this selection guide to make the right choice for your cooking space. For more information about your options, visit resources like