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Kitchen Remodel Ideas: 4 Splashback Materials to Choose From

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If you want to protect the wall of your kitchen from splashes of boiling sauce, grease and oil, you can do so with a splashback. Not only are there many materials that cover the wall to protect it, but it also becomes a decorative part of the kitchen. Here are some different materials to consider for your splashback.


One of the more popular materials to use for a kitchen splashback is tile. There are many ways to use tile on the kitchen wall, from getting acrylic tiles to save money and have a pretty look, to using multi-colored mosaic tiles to add some fun to the kitchen. Regardless of the type you choose, the grease and oil with splatter on the tile, which is easier to clean and keeps the wall well protected.


You might also want to choose kitchen glass splashbacks. There are glass tiles, textures glass and painted glass pieces to choose from. You can also use translucent glass on the wall, with a painted wall behind it. The color creates an illuminated effect through the glass. If you want to get the glass cut to be custom for the size of your kitchen, it might cost a little more. Choosing glass tiles is probably the easier and more affordable option.


Adding different types of marble pieces to your kitchen wall is an excellent way to make your kitchen more appealing and high-end, while also protecting the wall from splashes and splatters. You can also get marble cut into mirror pieces and place them against each other on the wall, creating something that looks like a marble butterfly. Watch as the marble transforms an ordinary kitchen into one that represents luxury and refinement.


If you only want the splashback for appearance needs, you can even create a splashback with paint. There are types of paint for your kitchen wall that are resistant to water and splashes, making them easier to clean and more difficult to stain. You can also use sponges and other materials to make textured paint. This tends to be one of the easier and less expensive options for splashback.

Keep in mind you can also hang a mirror behind the stovetop or even add a window if you're willing to do a more extensive remodel ad the stovetop faces an exterior wall. This adds more variety when you are trying to choose the best splashback for your kitchen.