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Temporary Repairs You Can Do if You Have a Broken Window

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A broken window is an annoyance at best, and in some cases, it might even be a danger to you and your family's safety. It's important to get broken windows repaired as quickly as possible. Small cracks makes the glass fragile, which might cause the window to shatter entirely, while large holes in the glass can have pieces of sharp glass spread all around it and also allow intruders an easy access point. The first thing you should do is to call an emergency glass repair business. They will send someone over as soon as possible. However, if they can't come straight away, there are things to do to temporarily repair the window.

Fix a Crack

To avoid a crack or cracks getting worse, you should get some type of thick tape. Duct tape or other heavy duty tapes should work fine. Put tape over the entire crack both on the inside and outside of the window. Be careful when you place the tape so that you don't accidentally make the crack worse or cause the window to break. If you find leakage of air coming from the taped up area, you can also tape a sheet of plastic over the entire window.

Picking Shards Out

If your window is extensively damaged, you need to put down some effort to perform a safe temporary emergency glass repair. Put down a tarp or a blanket on the ground outside the window. Make sure you're using thick gloves and possibly safety glasses to make sure you don't cut yourself. Then start picking shards out of the window frame and put them on the tarp or blanket. You can also do it from the inside by putting tape all over the surface of the remaining glass and then tap it with a hammer to make all the glass fall out at once without spreading shards about.

Boarding the Window Up

When you've removed all the damaged glass, you need to protect your home from the weather. You should put up a protective layer of thick, industrial plastic to replace the damaged glass in the window frame. The plastic of an ordinary rubbish bag also works, but the thinner the protective plastic is, the more cold or warm air is allowed to enter your home. You can add an extra layer of protection by hanging a blanket over the entire window and not just the glass. If the damage is severe, and the emergency glass repair firm is going to be a few days, you should opt for boarding up the entire window. You can use ordinary boards, but for optimal protection, you should use a single board of plywood.