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How to Protect Your Windows and Glass Doors in a Storm

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Doors and windows are particularly susceptible to high winds, and if these openings are breached, water can get in quickly and cause major damage to your home, both in and out. Luckily, there are steps you can take to protect your doors and windows from hurricanes and other high-impact storms. These protection methods can not only help in the event of a storm, they may help to reduce your home insurance premiums.

Hurricane Film

This is a popular choice among homeowners because it can be left in place all year long and is unobtrusive. The film can also block UV light, which can fade fabric and carpets. It is fairly inexpensive and is easy to install – just peel and stick.

The biggest advantage to plastic film is that it will prevent shards of glass from entering your home and becoming dangerous missiles. It does not, however, protect you from the wind blowing in the entire window frame. If the wind is strong enough, the glass will still break and you will still need to call an emergency glass replacement company.


This is more effective than plastic film and is an inexpensive option. This can be done as a DIY or you can hire a contractor to do it for you. Obviously, expect to pay more if you hire someone. Make sure that you use heavy-duty screws and attach the plywood to the home's frame, not the window frames. Use thick plywood boards that cover a few inches larger on each side than the size of your windows.

Obviously, plywood should be put up only when you've been given warning of an oncoming storm. Pre-installing screw anchors will help speed up installation. It will block most of the light, so your home will become very dark. Make sure you have plenty of flashlights or other light sources, should you lose power.

If your budget allows, panels made from other sources may provide better protection. These include steel, composite materials, aluminum and plastic.

Storm Shutters

These are permanently attached to the house and can quickly be put in place before an approaching storm. They typically come in a roll-up or accordion style. While they are typically more expensive than plywood and plastic film, they are more convenient and can provide better protection.

These measures may help prevent major damage. An emergency glass replacement company may have other suggestions for protecting your home in your local area.