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Always Ask These Questions When Considering a Glass Splashback for Your Kitchen

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A glass splashback can be a good choice for any kitchen, no matter its overall décor and style. The glass reflects light so that the kitchen can seem brighter and even bigger, and glass is a timeless material that never seems to get outdated or out of style. When you're ready to have glass splashbacks installed in your kitchen, note a few questions to ask your contractor. You want to be prepared for the install and also take care of the glass material properly once the installation is done.

1. Ask if you need to do anything to prepare the surface

Typically, an installer will assess the kitchen surface before they arrive to install the splashback, and they will be able to install the glass tiles on just about any type of surface or material. However, they may ask that you remove any spice racks, shelves, or other items you have behind the stove or counter so these don't get damaged and aren't in the way of the install. Ask if this is needed so you can be sure you get this done in plenty of time.

2. Note if there are any special risks to the splashback once it's installed

A kitchen splashback should be resistant to cooking heat, humidity and moisture, and food stains. However, you don't want to assume that it may be absolutely fire resistant, as extreme temperatures may cause the adhesive to become damaged and the splashback to come loose from the wall. If you have an open grill in your kitchen or cook with open flames for any reason, be sure you ask if the splashback will be able to resist an open fire or if it will need some type of special prep work for this added risk of damage.

3. Always ask how to clean and maintain your splashback

A glass splashback usually just needs a good wiping down with a wet cloth when it's dirty, but note if there are special cleaning materials you should use for deep stains or for when the grout between tiles gets discolored. You don't want to assume that a wire brush will get out the stains, as this may simply scratch the glass or the grout, and bleach isn't always effective on grout either. You may also want to note if you should reseal the glass splashback or do anything else to help it stand up against stains over time and to keep it looking its best. Your installer can give you recommendations for your glass and your splashback in particular.