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Reasons to Install Glass Balconies in Your Modern Home

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Most modern home designs today include balconies because balconies are a privilege. Other than offering additional outdoor space, they are an excellent place to relax and enjoy the outdoor view without leaving your property. If you'd like to add balconies for your new construction project, consider choosing glass balconies. Wondering why it's a perfect choice over other types of balconies? Here are advantages of choosing glass for your new balcony.

Enhanced safety

Traditionally, balconies were constructed from wrought iron, metal, wood or concrete. One common aspect of these types of balcony designs is that they have spindles or balusters. If you have kids or pets, you'll worry that they might slip through or their hands may get caught. Moreover, you will have to run downstairs to collect items that fall accidentally.

A glass balcony is different because the glass balustrades are made using toughened solid glass panels. Therefore, nothing will fall accidentally, and accidents won't occur – everyone in your home will be safe. However, don't allow kids to play at the balcony alone — an adult should always watch over them. Although glass balustrades are safe, they'll not prevent your child from standing on a chair to look over.

Low maintenance

If low maintenance is a factor you wish to consider when selecting a suitable balcony material, the glass will be a perfect choice. Toughened glass doesn't fade in the sun and won't get old. Regardless of the weather conditions, glass won't rot, rust, or develop cracks like concrete balustrades. To keep the glass clean, all you need is soapy water and a sponge. You may also use glass cleaners found in supermarkets. The maintenance of a glass balcony is not only practical but also cheap.

Space and light

When a glass balcony is installed, it will resemble an open space from a distance. Glass panels make the balcony appear larger than it is, meaning you'll enjoy spending your time there. Unlike other materials, glass doesn't block light from entering the house. Provided the panels are clean, the sun will reflect off the panels, ensuring you get the light you require to keep the rooms bright. Moreover, glass attracts light, letting you enjoy every moment you spend outdoors.

Although glass balconies may not be a cheap choice when it comes to investing in a balcony, it's long-lasting and a very safest option. What's more, it improves the value of your property than other balconies. If you're looking to include a glass balcony on your property, contact a professional for help in installing glass balustrades today.