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Too Clear Or Not | 3 Considerations When Choosing Between Clear And Frosted Shower Screens For Your Bathroom

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If you're in the market for new shower screens, then you've got a few different choices at your disposal. From clear and colourful to frosted and mirrored, your options are plenty, so it boils down to a few considerations. This guide aims to help you choose between clear and frosted shower screens for your bathroom.

How Much Space Do You Have?

Many homeowners –– especially in urban Australia –– live in smaller apartments, which means that bathrooms are tiny and crunched for space. If your bathroom doesn't have much room, then clear glass shower screens may be a better option because they offer unbroken appeal along a continuous stretch of the wall. On the other hand, frosted glass will break the space because of their more opaque finish, so they can make a tiny bathroom look even smaller than it actually is. If space isn't an issue, then your choice opens up once again because both choices will look good in your bathroom.

How Stylish Do You Want To Go?

Some homeowners like the idea of minimalistic style, while others want to go with something more dramatically appealing. If you fall into the first category, there's no denying the simple appeal brought forth by clear glass shower screens. But if you fall into the second category, then frosted glass shower screens may seem more appealing to you. Clear glass looks good if your tiles and hardware already have a lot of texture. But if your bathroom is already simple, then frosted glass can add that designer appeal that was previously lacking in the bathroom. Clear glass may need to be washed down more often because they tend to show water stains more easily than frosted glass shower screens.

How Much Privacy Do You Desire?

Privacy is another important consideration for many homeowners, especially when they live in homes with only one bathroom and multiple family members. If privacy is important because others may need to use the toilet or brush their teeth when you're showering, then frosted glass is definitely a better option because it eliminates the possibility seeing you while you are inside the shower. If your bathroom can easily be locked without any privacy invasions from other family members in your home, then clear glass shower screens are excellent choices for you.

The decision to choose between clear glass and frosted glass shower screens will depend on these considerations and your personal taste. Use these factors as a guide to help you decide what works best in your home.